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A simple sailaway
buying guide that's simply
the best place to start

We put together our very simple 9 point Sailaway Buying Guide below to try and help give an idea of a few of the things that you will need to consider when looking at the Sailaway option. It doesn’t attempt to cover any aspect in absolute detail but it is a good starting point so it is worth taking a few minutes to read through it. And remember for anything it doesn’t raise or for more general information you always have us, on hand, ready to help.

Infact ordering a Sailaway through The New & Used Boat Co. you will receive all the invaluable advice and guidance from our experienced team as a matter of course.

Pre-manufacture we can even produce a professional technical drawing of your design. To get your Sailaway project off to the perfect start, we would highly recommend you start with a chat with us fi rst.

To discover more call to an make an appointment today.

Sailaway Buying Guide



Budget as with many investments can be the deciding factor in the buying process. If you have a limited budget a Sailaway Basic may seem like the obvious option but it’s worth considering the extra cost and time that will be involved in getting a Sailaway Basic up to the Lined and Additions Specification.

This is especially important if you are looking to employ people to do any of the electrics, plumbing or painting as you will not only need to purchase the products/equipment but pay for the installation or painting, which as with houses can quickly escalate. You’ll also need to consider whether you have anyone in mind for the work, whether they come recommended and if the boat will need to transported or craned out of the water as part of the process – all aspects that can be overlooked.



Another important consideration when looking at the Sailaway option is your capabilities in terms of dedication, commitment and skills. Budget aside, your capabilities could also be the deciding factor for which type of Sailaway you choose. If your skill set isn’t suited to the electrics or plumbing then the Sailaway Additions may be the better option.

However if you have a skill set which will complement the on-board electrics and plumbing, then you may really enjoy being in full control of the whole project and putting your mark on the vessel from start to finish. The other consideration is time, it’s not a quick job fitting out a Sailaway – either a narrowbeam or widebeam – so be realistic when choosing which Sailaway to go for.



To get the most out of your investment we recommend you take the necessary time to plan your internal layout which starts with understanding what you’re using the boat for. Things like: Is the boat going to be a weekend retreat or a permanent residence? How many people does it need to sleep? What specification or appliances are you looking to house? The design directly links with the vessel length, you’ll either make a layout work to a length or or determine your required length by the design. Getting the design right from at the outset can save you encountering unnecessary problems and having to spend extra money later on down the line.

This is especially important if you are looking to employ people to do any of the electrics, plumbing or painting as you will not only need to purchase the products/equipment but pay for the installation or painting, which as with houses can quickly escalate. You’ll also need to consider whether you have anyone in mind for the work, whether they come recommended and if the boat will need to transported or craned out of the water as part of the process – all aspects that can be overlooked.


Decisions, decisions

In the section above we started to talk about what information we’ll be looking to you for but it’s worth expanding on this for those that are new to canal boating or a project of this type.

On a Sailaway Basic you can decide on the stern door/hatch location which can be centrally located or to one side, port (left) or starboard (right). As mentioned in the previous section you’ll also need to consider the window locations and type (choice of port holes or rectangular). Finally the mushroom vents (domed topped vents on the cabin roof) can also be positioned as directed.

With the Sailaway Lined we’ll need a little more information in terms of electrical socket locations and room bulkheads (partitions) and with the Sailaway Additions you’ll also need to consider the radiator locations and exterior paint and coachline colours.


Build time

The New & Used Boat Co have some of the quickest turnaround times in the UK, we’ll do our best to to bring your concept to a reality in the shortest time possible. The Sailaway Basic average turnaround time is around 12-15 weeks and a Sailaway Lined or Additions average turnaround time is around 15-20 weeks.

If you would like to know what build slots we have available please contact one of our team who will be able to advise you on current lead times.


Payment schedule

To reserve your build slot we ask for a £1,000 deposit. Then 10% of total price, minus build slot deposit, is required upon signing contracts. 40% of the remaining amount is payable when the steel work is complete with the remaining balance due on delivery to one of our bases or prior to leaving factory if going to outlying location.


Delivery and craneage

The New & Used boat Co will deliver your vessel to a preferred location. We have both Derbyshire and Worcestershire bases which can accommodate delivery if that is convenient for you. If you would like an accurate cost for the delivery please contact one of team with the details of your preferred delivery location.

The craneage is generally your responsibility in terms of both organising and paying for. If you are considering having you boat delivered to a specific location please contact the marina or boatyard to ensure they have on-site cranes facilitates or can accommodate/facilitate boat craneage.



All our Sailaways conform to the current Recreation Craft Directive (RCD). If you are looking to sell your completed vessel within 5 years you will need to carry out the fit-out of your boat in line with the current RCD requirements and organise the relevant paperwork to support this on sale. If you would like more information on the RCD standards and requirements please click here

For those new to boating every four years you will be require to get a Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) Certifi cate. If you haven’t already then it’s worth taking some time to familiarise yourself with the BSS. To open up the Boat Safety Scheme dedicated website click here


More information

We’re here to help. With have oodles of experience and are more than happy to advise. Your best bet to get your sailaway project off to the right start is to start with a chat to us.

VAT FREE – Could you be eligible for a VAT exempt canal boat?

Widebeam vessels of a certain size may qualify for zero rate VAT. Qualifying a boat to be VAT exempt is a complicated process and you have to adhere to strict HM Customs & Excise rulings.
Incorrectly specifying a boat as VAT exempt can prove very costly further on down the line. With The New & Used Boat Co. you can have complete peace of mind as we’ve done all the hard work for you, in terms of research and hard work, to ensure you are protected. For example all our VAT exempt boats can be supplied with a Tonnage Certificate issued by an Approved Tonnage Surveyor which will legally prove that you have a qualifying boat. At The New & Used Boat Co. we turn VAT Free into Worry Free.

Sailaway Basic


With the Sailaway Basic the hull comes with many key components fitted as standard including mushroom vents, Caldwells windows, doors, ballast, sub floors, stainless steel water tank, battens and a sealing coat of primer. You’ll even be able to ‘sailaway’ from the get go, as the propulsion system also comes fully installed.

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Sailaway Lined


The Sailaway Lined, in addition to the basic sailaway, comes with the cabin fully lined in your choice of oak or ash veneer with hardwood trims.

To give you a head start with the wiring, the 12v and 240v tails are also installed for you to connect to an AC/DC electrical control panel (control panel not included). Also included is a stainless steel water tank, ballast and 18mm plywood floor.

When built from scratch, you get the choice of where we locate major items such as windows, vents and electrical tails. Another advantage of the Sailaway Lined is the exterior being professionally painted in a high gloss marine enamel including coach lines, the cost of this alone is upwards of £7,000.

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Sailaway Additions


Our Sailaway Additions are our most popular sailaway thanks to the added specification. With the Additions you don’t need to worry about any of the wiring, the 240v ring main is fully installed with 6 double sockets and likewise the 12v lighting circuit is fully installed including generous quantity of LED lights, all switched to individual rooms.

You also get the freedom to choose where we position everything you need, including: radiators, sockets, any 12v or 240v tails, plumbing tails and bulkheads.

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